How Is Slavery Compared To Slavery

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The word “slave” comes from the Greek terminology (doulos); sometimes translated as servant (diakonos). Slavery has been practiced from the ancient days beginning in the times of the Holy Bible with Noah’s descendants through today’s society. It comes in many forms from being forced upon mankind to people choosing to be enslaved. People capturing people from many cultures and races and selling them is un-natural, yet still practiced, and in some countries accepted. In fact, there are so many practices of this kind that authorities are incapable of getting a handle on this cruel act. Slavery was commonly practiced throughout the world for labor purposes. How is ancient slavery compared to slavery in today’s society? The Holy Bible speaks of slavery as a direct result of sin and is really against God’s intention. In the book of Genesis 9:25-27 from the Bible is where the first mentioning of slavery begins when Noah curses his grandson, Canaan, and his descendants to slavery because of Ham, his father, saw Noah when he was drunk and naked in the tent. The Bible also tells us that God told Abraham that his people would be strangers in a land that did not belong …show more content…

For example slave trading in a specific country was being ended while the abolishment of slavery throughout various other empires would be started. Each step was usually triggered by a separate law or actions. In North America, the Civil War brought about the abolishment of slavery. The 13th amendment along with the 14th and 15th amendments are considered a trio of Civil War amendments that expanded the civil rights of Americans. Throughout the 1800’s is when countries throughout the world began to abolish slavery. Although slavery had ended in most countries, it is still practiced throughout the world today. India has one of the highest population rates of slavery still in

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