How Is Snowball Into A Mountain Of Trouble?

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It’s funny how the smallest of comments can snowball into a mountain of trouble. I guess it’s the silence that really hurts the situation, beating it into a pulp of what it used to be. I have very few friends, and that can sometimes come in handy or hurt me in unimaginable ways. Now I know that I’ve said some things I shouldn’t have said before, but it’s usually stayed the small incident it is. There has only been one time in my life where I have been in some deep trouble due to saying something I shouldn’t have said. It all started in science class. I was intent on finishing my work, like most other kids rushing to beat the bell. My friend, Robert, was sitting next to me. Being a genius, he had already finished all of his work. He…show more content…
The class stopped their intense working and stared at me. I felt my cheeks start to burn as they all looked at me. The teacher didn’t notice my scream but did notice the absence of pencils scratching against paper. He told everyone to get back to work, so they did. I looked to my right to apologize to Robert, but he started getting up to leave because of the bell. I felt truly terrible. I hadn’t meant what I said and shouldn’t have said it, but I still thought the whole thing would blow over in a matter of a few minutes. I couldn’t have been more incorrect. The next class was a bore, as usual. I wasn’t really thinking about Robert and what I had said until I felt a poke from behind. I heard a small hissing noise. “Psst,” the mysterious entity said. I turned around to see that it was one of my worst enemies, Dylan. “Hello, Dylan,” I hissed to him not unlike Jerry Seinfeld encountering Newman. “Hello, Fonseca,” he responded in the same manner. “I heard that you were bad-mouthing Robert, like the coward you are. I’m pretty sure I saw him taking an alternate path to class, to avoid you.” Oh man, I thought. This isn’t going to end well. “Just stay away from me, Dylan,” I told him. He sat back in his chair, having accomplished his mission. “Your grave,” he said. That period was the hardest I’ve ever had to stand. As soon as the bell rang, I got up and sprinted to my third class. Neither Robert nor Dylan were in this
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