How Is Stalin Similar To Hitler

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Melody Franks
Miss. Fisher
English period 6
13 May 2016
Stalin Versus Hitler
Stalin was without a doubt one of the meanest dictators to lead in the 20th century. He was responsible for millions of deaths. The number of deaths ordered by the Soviet Union is about 1.5 million. Almost 2 million had been reported to have died while being deported. One million German Civilians and prisoners starved while being under Soviet guard. Stalin targeted everyone while Hitler only wanted a superior race. Stalin had launched a series of 5 year plans in the late 1920’s intended to transform the Soviet Union from present society into an industrial super power. The name Stalin means “Man of Steel” his real name was Joseph Vissarionvich Djugashvi ( In 1922 he was made appointed General Secretary of the Soviet Union Party ( By 1924 he took
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The Soviet Union was going ease to a peace or look for a way out ( By 1941, three million soldiers were imprisoned. In 1944 the Soviet Union invaded Germany Hitler ordered everyone of Germany to destroy anything that the enemy could put to use ( Hitler suffered the greatest set back in military, the summer of 1944 Stalin's Operation Bagration in Belorussia eliminated three times more German army divisions than the Allies did in Normandy (
Stalin was way worse than Hitler because not only did Stalin kill million upon millions of people he would basically kill anyone who didn’t do anything wrong. Both Stalin and Hitler grew up in very poor life styles, they both did not have a good life at home so the question comes in was there childhood a big role in their future decisions? Stalin and Hitler were alike because they both caused mass genocides in that time period. It seemed as if they were having a competition to see who could kill the most people. They both did not agree with each other’s acts but did very much of the same
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