How Is Technology Changing Tv Narrative

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As Alan Coren once joked, “Television is more interesting than people. If it were not, we would have people standing in the corners of our rooms” (“Alan Coren Quotes”). From Good Morning America to Gossip Girl, television offers its viewers an immense variety of programs to keep its audience not only entertained but also glued to their TV set for hours everyday. Throughout his video, “How is Technology Changing TV Narrative,” Mike Rugnetta uses a multitude of comedic examples to argue that television narratives are more complex today because of time shifting technology. Mike Rugnetta is the host of the Idea Channel, a PBS web series, as well as a performance lecturer for Meme Factory where he educates people about the Internet (“Mike Rugnetta: Ask Meme Another”). In his Idea Channel videos, Rugnetta is able to use unconventional methods to educate his audience. Although pop-up cartoons and comedic input weakens his organization, Rugnetta’s style of interaction engages his audience effectively through his ability to address his audience’s questions and make the audience understand the information through humor. Rugnetta’s use of pop-up cartoons and humor allows him to take complex theories and make them simpler for his audience to understand. Rugnetta’s idea that TV shows are written in series rather than episodes today because of new time shifting technology can not only be uninteresting but also puzzling for his viewers. However, Rugnetta introduces this idea by suggesting
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