How Is Technology Used In Health Care

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Use of technology is on the increase to strengthen health systems and improve the efficiency and quality of health care. In research, technology can be applied from data collection, analysis and dissemination. It’s a venture that makes work easier and should be embraced in moderation. The accuracy of information obtained from technological means is high and it is verifiable with very little manipulation.
Technology can be understood on three perspectives; a) impact on human behavior b) technology as an instrumental tool c) technology use in research and education. For human behavior perspective technology has improved the way we socialize and interact with one another. Flow of information is faster with the use of technology to promote prevention of infections. Instrumentally, technology has helped in coming up with
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As times change and technology advances, data collection mechanisms also change to much easier ways. Mobile phones are a great asset that will aid in data collection. Installing questionnaires in smartphones and tablets is a timely way to ensure that data is transmitted almost immediately as soon as the questionnaire is filled, (Braun et al., 2013). This also helps in presenting true information as capturing of location through geographical position system (GPS) is done before the data is submitted into the server. Another advantage when using mobile phones to collect data is that the security of the data is almost guaranteed. Compared to the traditional use of paper, whose privacy could be easily compromised, mobile phones are small and easily stored for security purpose. Incorporation of mobile phones is based on the fact that the method is easily grasped since most if not all individuals have interacted with smartphones therefore minimal training on its use is needed, (Braun et al.,
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