How Is The Crucible Play Related To The Play

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I attended The Crucible at the Rep on Sunday, November 12th. This play was written by Arthur Miller, playwright of The Death of a Salesman which we read in class. This specific play was directed by Paul Barnes. Overall, this performance was wonderful. I have read The Crucible before and I have seen the movie so seeing it actually performed live was an entire different experience. I felt so much more connected to the play and especially the characters with them being so close. This play, The Crucible, was primarily about the witch trials. In the beginning of the play, several girls were seen dancing and attempting to summon the devil. They are caught in the act and to protect themselves they start to blame men and women of the community as witches who have cursed them. This turns into hundreds of innocent people becoming falsely accused of witchcraft and being put to death. In the end, we see several people confessing to witchcraft to save their lives instead of being hung. A few main…show more content…
I have attended a few plays at the Rep in the past including Elf the Musical, Macbeth, and A Christmas Story. All of the productions at the Rep are very high quality and this was no different with The Crucible. My expectations were again blown away by the great casting, incredible stage set up and costumes, and the amazing acting. The actors put so much emotion into their character and you could tell that they had devoted a great amount of time becoming their own character and together as a group practicing. I would highly recommend this play to people who are fans of theatre. For someone who has little to no interest in theatre, I would not suggest that this play be their first. I would suggest a comedy or a musical be someone's first play. They are typically more upbeat and engaging with the audience. Even though I would recommend seeing a comedy over this, The Crucible was an incredible play which I do think almost any audience would
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