How Is The Defeat Of The Conservative Party In 1945 Best Explained?

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How is the defeat of the conservative party in 1945 best explained ?

On the 26th July 1945, Clement Attlee lead the labour party to a landslide victory against the conservative party, represented by wartime hero Winston Churchill. This came as a shock to the British population, who had not anticipated this outcome. The defeat of the conservative party in 1945 can be best explained by highlighting the contrast between the people and the conservative party, the conservatives’ inability to carry out successful policies, and the strength of the labour party.

The conservative party had been intent on encouraging the preservation of traditional cultural values, and relied on putting the power in the hands of elected representatives rather than in the
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Indeed the labour party had grown stronger during the coalition by promising the people reforms once the war would be over. These ideas were promoted through effective propaganda, particularly on the home front, which promised the nationalisation of industry, better housing, free medical services and employment for all. On the other hand, the conservative party was not in favour of these reforms: for instance Churchill completely ignored the Beveridge Report, a manifesto of social reforms, and focused on conducting the war instead. These promised reforms caused the labour party’s popularity to increase as citizens hoped for a better future which in turn weakened the conservative party. Furthermore, Churchill’s confidence and unawareness of this powerful opposition allowed the labour party to further develop. Churchill had never fallen below 78 per cent in the approval rating in the opinion polls: consequently the prime minister did not organise his election campaign strategy appropriately which once again allowed the opposing party to strengthen. Thus the forceful labour party was able to win a landslide victory against the unprepared
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