How Is The Difference Between George And Lennie Alike

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Friendship is very important and is something that everyone needs. Sometimes, friendship may seem the same to everyone. People might think that no friendship is out of the ordinary. However, I believe that each friendship has it’s own quality that makes it different from all of the other friendships while still retaining all of the characteristics that make the relationship a friendship. Today, this essay will highlight the qualities that are the same in the friendship of Maurice and Laura and the friendship of Lennie and George while also pointing out the differences between them as well. To begin, friendships all have similar characteristics that define them as friendships. In the friendship between Laura and Maurice, they have fun together even when the situation is tough. This is shown when Maurice comes to Laura’s apartment for the first time and they play games together. Maurice still has fun with Laura even though his life at home is tiring and hard. Another example of this is the friendship between George and Lennie. George and Lennie are always together no matter what, and they look out for each other. This is shown when Lennie is getting hit. George realizes that Lennie is not going…show more content…
Laura and Maurice have routines that are original to them. They have special things important to their friendship like “lunches in paper bags”. This symbolizes how their relationship turn into a mother-son relationship and how they will always be friends. On the other hand, George and Lennie have different ideas related to their friendship. George and Lennie share the same goal to have a “little house and a couple of acres an’ a cow and some pigs…” Even though this dream seems very far away, Lennie’s constant reminding of George of their dream makes it much more likely. All in all, these two friendships all have something special to them all and make each one different from the
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