How Is The Feminine And The Masculine Defined In Asia?

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How is the feminine and the masculine defined in Asia? You must consider at least two countries and discuss both masculinity and femininity. To understand how femininity and masculinity is aligned in Asian countries, it is important to understand the political events of the time and how this influences the domains of men and women. Each evolvement of a country, through a political sphere, seeks a new identity and thus helps correlates the understanding of the changing definition of femininity and masculinity. This interrelation is illustrated in countries such as China and Japan, where both adheres to the notion of Confucian teaching and both countries undergo rapid ramifications, ideals of masculinity stems from the same concept ‘wen-wu’…show more content…
Chinese constructions of Masculinity have been redefined accordingly to the political events. The concept of ‘wen-wu’, currently serves as an overarching pillar of what is currently expected of men in Modern China. By placing less emphasis on the ‘Wu’ and more on the ‘Wen’ we can see these concepts incorporated and adapted to the modern perception of masculinity through the leadership and teachings of Mao Ze Dong, during the Cultural Revolution. At the same time, more popular representation of Chinese masculinity, accommodating the lens of westerners, is the ability to excel in martial arts which is popularly portrayed by Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. The roles they play, interrelates by exceling both in the physical aspect, ‘wu’ and their philosophical intellect of ‘wen’. Since the cultural revolution, China places emphasis on the ‘Wen’, immediately becoming the ideal construction of men, as they are more aware of their values and how they are presented to the world. Unlike Ancient China, where the ideal man was a warrior, Chinese entrepreneurs, male of high intellect who is conscious of the Chinese way of living and has strong desire to lead the world’s economy, serves as the modern definition of masculinity. Despite this expectation, although China continues to grow their military and economic power, the
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