How Is The Game Of Liar's Poker Played?

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How is the game of liar’s poker played? The liar’s poker can be played in-group of as small as two or as many as ten, seated in a circle. And the game is played with eight digit serial numbers on a US dollar bill. Each player has to hold dollar bill close to their chest and unseen by other players. The goal of the game is to guess how often a specific digit appears among all the bills held by players in a circle. For example, if the first bidder says three 5s, then there is at least three 5s among the player’s entire bill including his own. The next player can bid higher number like three 6s, any numbers of at higher level like four 5s, or the player can decide to challenge (I doubt it). The game proceeds on clockwise around the table until all the other players decide to challenge one single player’s bid. While a challenge is made, each player reveals their serial numbers and they persuade who is bluffing whom. If a challenge is correct, hence numbers on bills is lower than challenge bid, which mean bidder loses a dollar to each of the other players. If a challenge was incorrect; therefore, bidder wins a dollar from each of the other players. The game of liar’s poker is game of probabilities, “what is the statistical likelihood of there being three sizes within a batch of, say forty randomly generated serial numbers? (Lewis 6).” However, math is easy part for the great players, the hard part of the game is reading emotion of the other players. The obstacle of the game

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