How Is The Shang Civilization Different From Ancient Chinese Civilization

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The early Chinese civilization began to form along two rivers, the Yellow river and the Yangtze river. For the people of this civilization the Yellow river was of great importance for the development of their civilization. The early Chinese tribes lived in small villages and their central authority was organized into patriarchal lineages; meaning that the men were in charge of family matters. One of the first dynasties of China, the Shang dynasty originated from the Yellow river, and it was mainly viewed as one big family. “During the Shang Dynasty people worshipped many gods. Ancestor worship was very important since they believed their family members became god-like in the after life” (Ancient China). Unlike the early Chinese Civilization,…show more content…
And unlike the Chinese and Egyptian civilizations, the Mesopotamia civilization did not lasted long enough. They had three social classes, which included the nobles, commoners, and just like the Egyptians practiced slavery, so did the Mesopotamians. Mesopotamia was “a collection of city-states, most of them with thick defensive walls because the city-states were often at war with one another” (Ancient Iraq). The people from the Tigris-Euphrates river greatly depended on their river for irrigation. Unlike the Nile and Yellow river, the Tigris and Euphrates rivers were not a dependable source of water. And as a result, farmer had to “used careful irrigation to save water in pools and canals to keep for later use during dry times” (Ancient…show more content…
And similarly to one another, each civilization would not have thrived as a whole society without the help of their respective rivers. All three civilizations had fertile lands that gave a turn for agricultural revolution; they turned from hunter-gathers to learning how to domestic plants. All three civilizations were able to adapt into one particular place and grow food, which led way into a better organized society with a political system that led into what we know now as city-states. Yes, each civilization had different beliefs and each developed their own cultural identity, but nevertheless, they were all aware that would help them fulfill their most human basic
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