How Is The Story Told In Elie Wiesel Night

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In Elie Wiesel Night a boy and his father are (don’t know how to start it)
Elie is in a time period when everything was going bad for the jews. Throughout the book we see Elie trying to survive the Holocaust. His life starts off by strongly believing in God and wanting to practice the Cabbala. He talks about how he studied the Talmud during the day and attends the synagogue at night. As the story continues, he starts to lose faith in God in which Elie is questioning who can allow such immense and suffering. During the hanging of a young boy, somebody behind Elie was questioning where God was: “Where is the merciful God, where is he? ”(Wiesel 64). The guy continued to ask where God was when the three chairs were tipped over and the third rope
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