How Is Walt Disney Impacted Your Life

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Good morning, I am Kristen Rowsey. Today I get the privilege of telling you the story of my hero, the man behind the mouse. If you remember my “fun fact” was, then you probably aren’t surprised by my topic. I’m willing to say that in one way or another Walt Disney has impacted your life. As I told you the first day, Walt has impacted my life in more ways than I can count. But begin, am I the only one who has no idea what they’re going to do with their life? Walt struggled with this also, so if you remember nothing else today, just keep in mind Walt was once a struggling young adult, like us. But as the great man himself once said, “a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.” I hope you are ready, because this story will…show more content…
Like I said, the company did not stop with his death in 1966; it continues to expand and become more prominent in every passing year. Walt’s determination and creativity lives on in many forms and fashions. One aspect I have mentioned is Walt Disney Imagineering, which was a fairly new aspect of the company. They are responsible for the construction and upkeep of the Disney Parks. According to Bob Thomas, Walt foresaw the need for animators and creative minds to be integrated with the engineers in order to bring the magic of Disney to life. This revolutionized the tourism industry forever; now everything is held to the standard of Disney Parks. Walt also lives on through the new stories that are shared by the Walt Disney Company through movies, TV Shows and books. Although the Disney Company was extremely popular during Walt’s hay-day, there is no way anyone predicted it becoming this huge. Disney’s impact on the world is constantly growing, and thankfully the principles that Walt and Roy instilled in the company are still alive today. The fundamental principles that Disney stories share all go back to Walt’s drawing board; he knew that everyone was deep down a kid anyway, so why not share important values through his stories. He realized the deep impact his works could potentially have on the world so he took advantage of it. The world was a different place when Walt left, but his impact grows deeper as time goes
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