How Is Women Portrayed In The 1950s

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Television sitcoms of the 1950’s through the 1990’s showed women’s role in the American workforce by reinforcing common gender stereotypes. Since television sets became mainstream and entered almost every American home, the content of American sitcoms has reflected the culture of the times. Thus, as the popular American sitcoms of the 1950’s suggest, women living in the 1950’s had very little economic opportunity and almost no role in the American workforce outside of the home. In the sixties, women acquired more access in the workforce with the 1963 Equal Pay Act and the 1964 Civil Rights Act. In the seventies, women continued to fight for equal pay to their male counterparts. In modern day, women are equal to men and feminism is decreasing. Four sitcoms, The Stu Erwin…show more content…
One can notice how women were treated as typical housewives in the fifties and how it was uncommon for women to go back to school as shown in The Stu Erwin Show. In the sixties, the viewer can see that women were experiencing more power in making decision as shown in Bewitched. Samantha in Bewitched was the happiest of the women in the sitcoms described because she was in a partnership with her husband. She was able to compromise with her husband. She also had the most control due to her witch powers. She was willing to not use some of the witch powers to make her marriage work. In the seventies, one can see how women were fighting for their civil rights and equal pay as shown in the Mary Tyler Moore show. Mary Richards was the most powerful of the women discussed because she made her own decisions and challenged male authority. Now, in modern times, women are freed from any limitations and are equal to men. Sitcoms clearly are continuing to represent the type of woman that is typical of that time
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