How Is a Cell's Membrane Suited to Its Functions?

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How is a cell’s membrane structure suited to its functions?

Throughout the past century, scientists have been able to conduct more research on the structure of a cell membrane and understand its components and functions. The present agreed on model, created in 1972 by S. J. Singer and G. Nicolson, is called the fluid mosaic model. This model depicts that proteins (integral and peripheral) form a mosaic since they are floating in a fluid layer of phospholipids, which makes up the components of the cell membrane (along with cholesterol). Each of these parts of the membrane enables it to be more efficient. The purpose of a cell membrane is to support and protect the cell, but also to control the movement of materials in and out of it. It …show more content…

They may also use facilitated diffusion6 instead of active transport. The movement of substances across the membrane through this protein, whether using active transport or facilitated diffusion, is referred to as carrier mediated transport.
Unlike integral proteins, peripheral proteins do not extend into the hydrophobic region of the bilayer but remain bound to the surface of the membrane. They are often anchored to an integral protein and are also easier to analyze for scientists since

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