How Is the Concept of ‘Into the World’ Conveyed in the Film Billy Elliot?

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How is the concept of ‘into the world’ conveyed in the film Billy Elliot? People encounter different experiences and respond to the individually. These personal experiences may result in growth, change or other consequences. There are a variety of pathways and elements which enables for the transition of an individual into a new world. An individual’s determination to pursue a dream can inspire them to challenge society’s expectations as they transition into a new world. However, there are barriers which often disallow an individual to achieve this movement into their desired world. The concept of ‘into the world is evident in the film Billy Elliot by Stephen Daldry (2000). Often difficulty is faced by an individual when there are…show more content…
Not frigging ballet.” It is Billy who identifies his father’s shame “It’s not just poofs, Dad. Some ballet dancers are as fit as athletes” An individual’s determination can inspire them to transition into a new world. In the opening scene, the slow motion shot of Billy jumping up and down on the bed with a close up of his jovial face reveals his natural talent for dance and feel for music. The flower wallpaper in his bedroom compliment the colours of his clothes and shows a sense of harmony and his fantasy world of dance and music. Billy goes to the library and steals the ballet book that he is told he is not allowed to borrow. When Billy is practicing his arabesque in the bathroom a high angle image of tutus moving through a spiral staircase is contrasted with Billy in the bathroom. Here, music is played non-diagetically in the bathroom and diagetically in the dance class. The use of Daldry using various shots of Billy in different clothes at different times, reinforce the fact that Billy is beginning to express his fondness for ballet and is determined to become better at it. Billy’s determination and drive to move into the world of ballet is expressed where Mrs Wilkinson goes to Billy’s home to tell Jackie and Tony about Billy’s audition for the Royal Ballet School. Tony is the most vocal in expressing his disapproval of his brother’s dancing. “He’s only a bairn. What about giving him a childhood?” Billy verbally expresses his

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