How Is the Increasing Use of Technology Changing Marketing in the 21st Century?

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How is the increasing use of technology changing marketing in the 21st century?


Marketing is a hugely vital tool for any organisation. A department that needs to be run and managed successfully, Marketers need to be extremely vigilant and aware of the constant changes in technology and the different ways that consumers will use various new technology’s to gain information on products. A range of elements will be discussed such as the internet, e-mail marketing and iTV marketing. With the use of online research and reference books to help to consider how new technology is changing marketing in the 21st century.


Internet marketing

Since its beginning in the 1990’s the internet has revolutionised the way
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As a result of the internet’s success as a marketing communications medium, it has arguably become the most powerful communications medium available to an organisation.

Benefits of the internet to an organisation:

• Message can be changed quickly and easily

• Interactivity possible

• Can create own pages cheaply

• Can advertise on others web pages

• Very large audience potential

• Overhead costs reduced

• Direct sales possible

Source: Brassington and pettit, 2006, pg 1179.

For consumers on the other hand the internet has been a huge breakthrough as it allows consumers to reach a global market 24 hours a day 7 days a week; without the added pressure of driving or walking to a high street and being restricted by opening hours or higher prices. Consumers today are not just using the internet for minor purchases but for
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