How Is the Opening of Frankenstein an Effective Introduction to the Novel?

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How is the Opening of Frankenstein an Effective Introduction? For any author, the opening of a novel is probably one of the hardest things to write. They have to think about the audience, the language and how the introduction relates to the rest of the novel. They need to catch the readers’ attention and make them want to read on. It is vital they do this otherwise the reader may loose interest and not proceed to read the novel. In Frankenstein, Mary Shelly has an interesting yet curious and unusual opening, which is in fact a very clever and unique way of beginning a novel. The novel begins with a series of letters written by a man named Robert Walton to his sister Margaret. He is on a trip to the Antarctic and is describing his…show more content…
It is also where the story starts to become exciting. We now know that the monster has already been created therefore everything we read about Victor Frankenstein and what he has done has already happened in the past. The next day a withering man appears. To Robert Walton it seems like the crew are persuading the man to come on board the ship rather than the man asking to come on board. This is where we are introduced to Victor Frankenstein for the first time. Victor Frankenstein is looking for the monster which is why he doesn’t want to board the ship. He does however eventually board the ship after he asks where they are heading. This confuses Robert Walton because the man is clearly going to die unless he boards the boat. It also shows how Victor Frankenstein is dedicated to fix what he has done even if it kills him. As Victor Frankenstein recovers, he and Robert Walton grow closer. He eventually tells Robert Walton his story about why he is there and what has happened to him. This is where we realise the whole novel of Frankenstein is an epistolary. It is a story within a story. Robert Walton is recording all of what Victor Frankenstein says to send to his sister Margaret. This is all very important and makes the introduction very affective. This last section of the introduction summarises the structure of the novel. It also finally makes the

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