How Is the Power of Dreams and Dreaming in the Novel of Mice and Men

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Of Mice and Men – By John Steinbeck How is the power of dreams and dreaming in the novel? The idea of moving from one place to another, working hard and trying to raise the quality of life for you and your loved ones is known as 'The American Dream '. Steinbeck invites us to understand how having this dream keeps them going despite the challenging life that each character faces. Throughout the novel, Steinbeck makes this 'dream ' the main focus of the story for both the reader and characters. George’s dream is to have independence and to "go into town and get whatever I want" but most importantly he dreams of being "somebody". On the other hand, Lennie aspires to be with George and to "tend the rabbits". Ultimately, George and…show more content…
Suddenly there is something to lose and something to fight for. This massively enhances the power that the dream has over each character and for a while the feeling of doom is lessened. The reader wants to know if each character can escape the curse they seem to be under and reach their goals. For Lennie and candy the dream would provide an exciting opportunity, as both characters are not worth much in the real world. The dream would provide them a chance of appreciation. To Lennie, the dream is an antidote to disappointment and loneliness, and he often asks George to recite the description of the farm to him for comfort. Like a child, he loved the hear George telling him to “tend the rabbits” correspondingly for Candy it would make him feel more important as he can “cook and tend the chickens and hoe the garden some” Even though Curley’s Wife was the reason that the dream fell apart, she had big dreams to be in “pitchers” Unsatisfied by her surly husband, she constantly lurks around the barn, trying to engage the workers in conversation. However, although she may come across as very flirtatious, she only flirts with the men for attention. Which is what her dream would have provided her if she didn’t marry Curley. Shes so lonely, and so desparate for the attention of the men at the ranch that she even flirts with Lennie as she leans “closely” at him to “see if she was impressing him” To look in more detail
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