How Is the Situation Today Between Israelis and Palestinians the Result of Past Events?

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The recent affair in Israel seems to be escalating everyday as the Israelis and Palestinians are clashing over the costs of past events and the conflict has been one of the most unstable and constant wars in modern world history. The Israeli military have continued to occupy Palestinian Territories and on a daily basis, inhabitants of those lands have been killed, injured or kidnapped. Despite recent major Israeli violence, Palestinians have created pacific marches and demonstrations in the West Bank and Gaza, to retaliate. There have been attempts by other nations such as neighbouring Arab nations, the USA, Britain and USSR, to solve the crisis, although, their intervention have seemed to make the situation even worse. According to…show more content…
According to the report of the UNSCOP in August 1947, the UN were going to help with the partition about investigating the situation in Palestine and to “submit such proposals as it may consider appropriate solution for the problem of Palestine,” but they wouldn’t interfere with other affairs in Palestine after that. This report is reliable because it was written by the UN and they stood by their word. Thereby, I believe this contributed to the Palestinian expulsion during the war of 1948-49, because there being no UN interference could have meant that the Israelis felt they had major authority to aggressively terrorise the Palestinians, as they were also under their control, so approximately 711,000 people fled or were expelled from the State of Israel, according to the UN. Revisionist historian, Ilan Pappé, published the book, ‘A History of Modern Palestine’ in 2004 which suggests that he believes the Israelis were wrong for “implementing a systematic expulsion of the local population,” which was predominantly Palestinian. This is extremely reliable information because Pappé is a Jew, yet he argues against his people; this shows that he is not biased. Also, the fact that he is a revisionist historian shows that he has departed from the Israeli national ethos of believing that they are not primarily to be charged for the dead end. However, Einstein stated that he would “much rather see reasonable
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