How Islamic Management 's Methodology And Construct

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One’s behaviour, social interaction and social relation, are hugely moulded by his/her religion (Abuznaid, 2006). Islam, as a way of life, which derived its knowledge from ontological sources, namely Al-Qur’an and Sunnah, provides a comprehensive guidance that covers every aspects of life, not only as an individual but also as a member of a larger community. In the context of management, an individual behaviour or attitude at workplace plays an important role especially those in a position of authority and influence as it directly shapes ‘corporate culture’ (Hamidi, 2006). In an empirical study conducted in Bangladesh by Hossain, a positive relationship discovered between organisational performance and the knowledge and principles of…show more content…
In view of this, Islam is regarded as a system of ethics that regulates the relational context of individual, organisations, societal and environmental level. First, the system is based on Tawhidic concept that indicates the vertical dimension of the ethical system. As the purpose of human existence is to worship no other but Allah, all managerial activities must also aim at seeking the pleasure of Allah (Sulaiman et al., 2014). It also provides for freedom of action whereby each individual is considered as an integral part of the whole. In an organisational context, the stakeholders, who refer to not only the shareholders as the capital providers, but also the management and the employees, are considered as part of the same whole. Each have a relational link to each other, therefore are responsible and accountable towards each other. Abbasi et al. (2010) agreed that Islamic Management provides holistic approach, hence supports for better management as suggested by Aristotle - whole is more than the sum of its parts. Kazmi and Ahmad in Sulaiman et al. (2014), pointed out several differences between Islamic and conventional management of which one of it refers to the purpose of human existence dictating management of organizations. As opposed to conventional management that hold the taught that human existence is merely to utilize natural resources to satisfy one’s needs, wants, desires and happiness, Islamic management instead refers human existence as to obey and
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