How I've Improved My Speaking Skills and Giving Speeches

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Since my first speech, I have improved my speaking skills by creating better introductions in my speech, getting my script done earlier and being more confident during the speech. I've learned that one of the keys to grab audience's attention and to get a good reaction is an interested introduction. Also, I recognize that if my final draft done earlier before the presentation day, my script would be better with more time to complete my revision. However, for my first speech, I didn't practice and memorize enough and my performance indicated that. But with every speech after that, my practice got better and it make my speech flow smoothly. In addition, I’ve improved in using notes card during my speech. For my first speech, I can’t memorize all the speech so I rely on my note cards so much. But after that I immediately start to practice. I try to practice from my note over and over again. Then, I start to look at the script less and less until I feel confident about my speech. For example, in a small group presentation, I’ve improved my presentation skills in memorizing the presentation. I can remember all the speech and I know what’s on every slide. I never have to pause my speech or to look at the script. This technique gives me the benefit of having my presentation flow easily without having to memorize it word by word. However, I’ve some mistakes to improved and still need to works on which are grammatical errors and pronunciation. Although I’m not native speaker of

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