How Japanese Culture Is Inluencing America Essay

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This book, Japanamerica focuses on how the Japanese popular culture influencing the American culture. The author, Roland Kelts take a neutral prospective in order to create this book, which is done by interviewing many significant individual who took part in establishing the popular culture in both Japan and America. Kelts investigates why the phenomenon of Japanophilia, or the “outsider’s infatuation with Japan’s cultural character” (pg.5), is occurring especially in the United States. Even though Japanophilia phenomenon arose before the twentieth century, it is increasing in number because of the anime, manga, videogames, and other medium of popular culture.
In the first chapter, Kelts talk about the cultural norms between Japan and America. Those seem almost completely opposite when compared on the surface. For example, the author talks about Japanese valuing the characteristics of “restraint, conformity, and consent.”(pg. 23) On the other hand, Americans value the characteristics of “self-assertion, individuality, and iconoclasm.” (pg. 23) The spread of internet has seems like these characteristics to appear publicly. However, in Japan, there is a tatemae and honne. Tatemae, meaning the publicly presentation of yourself, and honne, the real feeling you have inside yourself. Kelts had interviewed Yoshiro Katsuoka, who is a planning director for Marvelous Entertainment about this phenomenon of Japanese characteristics. In his interview, Katsuoka talks about Americans…