How Jews were Discriminated Against in Germany from 1933-1939

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How Jews were Discriminated Against in Germany from 1933-1939

The discrimination of Jews was prevalent in Germany in the 1930’s. Attacks on the Jews had occurred in Christian countries since the Middle Ages, but intensified between 1933 and 1939 due to the Reign of Hitler’s power.

According to Hitler’s racial theories, the Jews deliberately planned to destroy the German people, as they did at the time of war. He influenced the Germans, that it was the Jews and such invalids, who caused the failure and collapse of Germany in World War I. The Germans, being in a vulnerable and desperate state, believed this, and subsequently, the beliefs of anti-Semitism in Germany increased.

Hitler’s words
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Those who were of German blood were citizens of the Reich; a Jew could never become a citizen of Germany.

In September 1935, the Nuremberg laws were created, which stated that relationships between Jews and German citizens were forbidden, and that Jews were not allowed to vote.

Over the next 5 years, Jews had to change their family names, and were forced to have certain names depending on whether they were male or female.

The Reich Minister of Education expelled Jewish children from German public schools, and instead, they were sent to Jewish schools.

Jews were socially prohibited from taking part in communal activities;

a law was made to ban Jews from all public recreational places; theatres, museums, amusement and sports parks, and public and private bathing establishments.

Jews suffered economically as the Nazis urged Germans to boycott Jewish shops and stores. They chalked slogans everywhere to try to enforce the boycott: “If you buy from a Jew, you are a traitor to your country”. .

On the 9th November, the Nazis launched a government campaign against the Jews, after a young Jew murdered the German diplomat, Herr von Rath, in Paris. His death led to Kristallnacht, where, in Germany, the murder had triggered scenes of systematic plunder and destruction. Every synagogue was