How Khadijah Is Becoming A Successful Individual

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A Drive to Succeed Khadijah is becoming a successful individual. Her past identity impelled her to her new identity as an intellectual stable college student at Harvard. Khadijah is a brave fighter who is willing to succeed. She is an 18-year-old high school student trying to make it out of the streets by using her academic achievements. Her mother had her at the age of fourteen and was a drop out. Khadijah and her family are homeless; she has moved schools over twelve times. At school she had a different identity where no one knew she was poor because she always held her dignity. Being a homeless 18-year-old she was accepted to numerous elite universities such as Brown, Columbia, Amherst, and Williams. School was the only thing Khadijah knew growing up in the streets and in shelters. School was her only home, away from being with the thugs, dealers, and prostitutes. She never doubted her capabilities to strive for success. Khadijah’s academic achievements drove her away from her indigent social class to be a prestigious individual in society. Khadijah never got it easy, she had to work her way up to success. The article explains, “She awoke at 4 a.m. and returned at 11 p.m., and kept her grade-point average at jut below a 4.0 while participating in the Academic Decathlon, the debate team and leading the school’s track and field team (Bermudez p.5).” She always worked hard for her success in school; though she was homeless and had no financial help or stability.
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