How Kiwin Changed My Life

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Going through rough times can cause people to become disappointed with themselves and feel as if everyone is going to judge them. When my grandpa died, it changed me drastically. I went from being a very happy person to just being so sad all the time. That sadness got me to push away the people closest to me and not care about anything at all.
I managed to pull myself together for the first two years of high school. My junior year in high school is when I completely let myself and my parents down. I started the year off okay, but by the end of the year I was getting the worst grades that I had ever gotten in my life. For a while I did not care and I was just too distracted by all the emotions that I felt to even think about it. I would look at my grades and kept putting off trying to bring them up. Distancing myself from everything and everyone was like a hobby
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I started by retaking the classes that I failed, then I took a college class that would give me college credit and also high school elective credits. I also became treasurer for a club in our school called KIWIN’S. KIWIN’S is really what has helped me overcome all the negativity that I had in my life. Being in KIWIN'S allowed us to go to a Key Leader conference for a weekend in San Bernardino, which made a huge impact on me. Key Leader taught me that in order to be successful and to be a good leader, it is okay to get help from the people around us. It taught me how to communicate with others and how to really get things done. The failure that I put myself through taught me that sometimes it’s important for us to go through them in order to get on the right track to success. I know that if I would have never gone through this then I would not have gotten the opportunity to have gone to Key Leader or meet all the great people from there who I now call my friends. Not only that but it has helped me so much with
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