How Knowledge And Technology Relate To The Organizing Function Of Management At Circuit City

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The organizing function of management deals with activities that result in the formal assignment of tasks and authority and a coordination of effort. Management staffs the work unit, trains employees, secures resources, and empowers the work group into a productive team. Organizing is the managerial function of arranging people and resources to work toward a goal. The purposes of organizing include but are not limited to determining the tasks to be performed in order to achieve objectives, dividing tasks into specific jobs, grouping jobs into departments, specifying reporting and authority relationships, delegating the authority necessary for task accomplishment, and allocating and deploying resources in a coordinated fashion. These …show more content…
The technologies and solutions that the company provides, strive to make life easier and enjoyable for the community. When it comes to the vast area of technology, that is mainly what Circuit City is about. The company is a frontrunner for bringing that technology to the community and that is a reason why customers come to Circuit City. They come to experience the new and upcoming products that arrive on the market and our store is that doorway for them to experience it. From the small gadgets and accessories to the larger merchandise such as computers, TVs, audio/video equipment, it is all available for easy access for the customer. The entire store has to be prepared with presenting the upcoming products to the community by displaying it or even setting the product up for demonstration use. So that when ready, the customer can try the product in ease and experience its uses. The organization has to also be able to staff and supply its stores with the proper technology so that employees can also use it if they have to.
An example of that would be in the department that I work in, PC Repair. My department is responsible for also performing analog to digital video conversions, such as; VHS to DVD or even older cassette tapes to CD.
Now Circuit City rarely even sells cassette tapes and recorders but
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