How Knowledge Is Gained?

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How is knowledge gained? What are the sources? To what extent might these vary according to age, education, and cultural background? As we grow old we will continue to learn new things in life, weather it’s how to ride a bike or learn about our heritage and certain religions. We constantly increase our knowledge in various ways to help us progress further and develop our brains more which in turn will help us develop ourselves. Of course we will learn from the media, books or from other people but in order to process information and knowledge from these sources we have to already know how to read, how to reason and who to trust. Whatever we pursue in life we have to look for ways to expand and increase our knowledge. For example…show more content…
But reason plays a role with observation. Depending on your age you might know more than another person. So being as I am 16, I may know more then a 6 year old which is just in primary school and also I may know more than a 60 year old with reference to technology. The elderly may know more than me with reference to history because being as they are old they have lived longer so have experienced more situations than me. But they may lack knowledge about the new advances with technology and other advances which have changed for our generation so then we become teachers for them. From experience you are gaining your knowledge from mistakes and use those mistakes to progress further and doing it again rightfully. With the sources of instinct, when you have an education you are gaining knowledge by reading books, newspapers, or even school text books. You automatically believe that what you are reading and what the teacher in school is telling you is true because you do not have someone to tell you otherwise. Reason could also be considered here because whatever you learn you have to believe it weather it related to religion with reference to what you believe in or school. With the source of reason we are allowed to reason by collecting facts, generalizing and coming to conclusions and making a final judgment. There are books for every single topic you can think of. So if you are curious about knowing something you could go to the library pick up a book related to the
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