How Kohl's Two Major Competitors Are Tj Max And Target

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a. Kohl’s two major competitors are TJ Max and Target
b. Kohl’s corporation operates more than a thousand department stores all around the United States. This company offers exclusive products for women, men and children that include apparel, footwear, accessories, home products and beauty products. The risk factors for this company include competition, fluctuations in the monetary system, brand recognition issues, etc.
c. Three brands that Kohl’s carries are Adidas, Levi’s and Nike.
d. Kohl’s largest asset is property and equipment and its largest liability is long- term debt.
e. Their authorized capital stock consists of 800 million shares and then 300 of them are issued common stock.
f. Kohl’s did repurchase common stock during the year. They repurchased 138 million shares.
g. Kohl’s records revenue is recognized at the time of sale, net of any returns.
h. Kohl’s utilizes the FIFO basis using the Retailing Inventory Method.
i. Approximately 6.7% of Kohl’s total assets are depreciated.
j. Currently Kohl’s does not with foreign counties, but it in the future, it might have an interest.
k. Kohl’s does have other comprehensive income. This includes unrealized gains or losses on investments.
l. Kohl’s debt was issued at a discount in the aggregate.
m. The amount of the liability recorded by Kohl’s for gift card and merchandise is $275 million.

Requirement 2:
a. The rate of return on sales is 0.051 or approximately 5% for 2012. For 2011, it was 0.0620 or

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