How Kutcher Changed My Life

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I am a person who likes to hangout with friends and be with my family and my sibling and i like to be doing something and not doing anything i like going outside and walk the dog or play with my brother and i like going far distances and traveling places and not being in the same spot. One thing i agreed with was that there are three important things that are opportunities,living life that one day you'll have opportunities to change your life and when you're living your life it's not just gonna be going to school then college then a job then buying a house,car you have to change it and make it different One thing that Kutcher said that really resonated with me was that you can go from working at a deli to being a celebrity by working hard and not giving up and not letting anything make u not work and not making other people make u think in another way just believe in what you believe in and make them believe in what they believe and if you let them make your choices it's not going to be what you wanted.…show more content…
Something that i agreed with was that you have to be smart,thoughtful and generous to live a good life to have a good job a nice home and enough money to support your family and not really have to think about other things and if you don’t act those ways you might not make it far in your life.What really made me think about in kutcher’s speech was why did he change his name why didn't he just stay with the name he was born with.This made me think about if he likes his name maybe he doesn't like it that's why he changed it or if people have made him changed it like maybe people bullied him and wanted to be another thing that i disagreed with was that you don't need to be sexy to be smart you can just be smart and get through life that way Something that really surprised me was that he went from working in regular jobs like in a factory or washing dishes to acting in shows and becoming a celebrity it most of taken a long time to get up to that
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