How Language Can Affect A Person

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There are many languages in our world that are on the brink of becoming extinct. One language dies every 14 days and by the next century about half of the languages spoken on Earth will die out(Rymer, 2012).This is a scary thing to think about. Most people will not even care if you ask them their opinion on endangered languages. This is because most people do not understand the significance language has on a group of people. Language affects the way you think and function. Every language is different, some more than others. Language can affect your values, the way you classify things, and your memories. A big pioneer in this field of research is a man named Benjamin Lee Whorf. He was a famous American linguist during the 1900’s. Although linguistics was his backup job, he became famous for his ideas on linguistic relativity which is the hypothesis that language can influence they way a person thinks. His ideas and research are the basis for people today studying how language can affect a person.
The language you speak can have a big affect on your values or the values your culture teaches you. The English language has over forty words for money which is evident in American society and pop culture where money is a big part of everyday lives. Cultures classify objects differently based on the languages they speak. For example, if you wanted to ask a person who speaks Russian and another person who speaks English to sort glasses and cups into two different groups, the
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