How Language Influences Success When Using Social Media For Starting And Sharing Different Social Justice Movements

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Purpose The purpose of this research project is to discover how language influences success when using social media for starting and sharing different social justice movements. This research will be able to help future social justice advocates spread their message effectively in the future. This research project will go over several different factors of language like gender, age personality and location (Benjamin et al, Schwartz et al) and the Red Equal Sign Profile Picture Campaign led by the Human Rights Campaign. The Red Equal Sign Profile Picture Campaign is a social movement advocating for marriage equality among the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT+) Community. A few definitions to know in regards of this research study…show more content…
Benjamin examined how language played a prominent role in communication with different social movements in different discourse communities. Adding the factors that Schwartz contributed, this further broadens how language is different among genders, age differences and personality. The goal is to see how these factors change the outcome and analyze how they have made a specific example so successful. Specifically, the gap that the research is trying to fill is how language directly influences digital activism. Continuing this tradition of research will expand the knowledge on how to properly share an idea through social media and allow contributors in the future to be able to see the connection between language and social media. Research Questions 1. How does language create success when contributing to social movements that take place on social media websites? 2. When language and social media are interconnected, how does that affect the literacy of the discourse community? Methods Primary research methods planned is a case study on the way people present their message when discussing the Red Equal Sign Profile Picture Campaign. The researcher will be going on to Facebook and ask people to share the movement using whatever methods they would usually use. The results that are most important are the likes and
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