How Language Is The Defining Aspect Of Person 's Culture And Identity

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Language is the defining aspect of person’s culture and identity. In the essay, “How to tame a wild tongue” by Gloria Anzaldua and from the “Mother Tongue” by Amy tan, both reading conveys the importance of culture in society and it is possible to suffer If we can’t use it properly, however anzaldua was far more confidence about her language but Amy tan was depressed about her language impacted on her life experiences. At my home I speak Urdu with my family but in school I speak English. This situation makes very hard for me to move forward and I lost so many opportunities just because of imperfect English or limited English. Keeping culture alive makes you unique and important part of one’s life. In the essay, “How to tame a wild tongue”…show more content…
Chicano people think that they have poor communication skills when they speak Spanish so due to this they have fear in speaking their own language. With all this said, if we have parents at home that speak “broken or limited English” it is obvious for the kids to face challenges and hardships on day to day basis. In the essay “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan, the author describes that people are categorized by the way of they speak. As she observes her life experiences this made her realize that she uses different types of English. The difference in speaking different Englishes made her to get low grades on the standardized test. She was young but she has to act like a mature person as to be a translator for her mother. The wrestle in order to fit and get accepted in the society is a major point of both of the essay. As they both went to school where they have to spend more than half a day. Anzaldua and Amy both went to school where they have experienced the student’s life and among their other peers. The wrestle to fit and being accepted by the society is a major point in both essays. They both share personal experiences of how the they have dealt with their language and cultural issue .anzaldua and tan faced many hardships which create blockade for them as they were moving forward in order to make their future successful. Anzaldua was accused by many other Latinos because they believed that she betrayed her culture. Not only Latinos but
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