How Lasers Work, The Development Over Time And The Effect On People 's Lives

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This essay will discuss how lasers work, the development over time and the effect on people’s lives.
Lasers work by using a process called stimulated emission which allows an incoming photon (of a precise level) to interact with an excited atomic electron. Stimulated emission allows three things to occur. The first is the light from a laser being monochromatic. This means that the light is of only of one specific wavelength of colour. The wavelength of light is decided by the amount of energy released when the electron drops into a lower orbit. Light can only be released when an atom has become excited and gives off an electric discharge which causes the electrons to drop form a high energy orbit into a lower energy orbit. The second is coherency; this is the organization of the light. Every photon moves in a specific time to match the others. Therefore each photon has wave fronts that take-off in unison. The third is the direction of the light. The light has a very concentrated beam and is very strong. Ordinary light do not have these properties. The light of a flashlight is very spread out and disorganized unlike the light of a laser.
Lasers were developed through hundreds of years of experiment. Originally it was not thought to have been possible or event relevant until approximately three years before the first laser was built. The first of the important discoveries that lead to the development of the laser was in 1880 by American inventor Alexander Graham Bell. He

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