How Latinos Are Perceived Within American Society

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Upon reading and analyzing two different articles focusing on Latin American experiences and issues, it is important to note a particular correlation that appears in between the lines of these texts. Each of these works demonstrates a common theme of how Latinos are perceived within American society, and how this prejudice affects them in how they choose present their culture and claim their identity publicly. More specifically, they demonstrate how Latinos are forced to continually shift the way they present themselves in order to fit society’s standards of what an American citizen is.
One way in which these texts portray this is how they outline a certain social divide that exists between Latinos and Anglo Americans within society. Although it may not be obvious upon first glance, it is often found that these people struggle with being “too” Latino, and their cultural expression can sometimes emphasize their separation from Anglo Americans. In, Latino Cultural Citizenship, Inequity, and Multiculturalism, Renato Rosaldo explores culture, and how it is expressed in both public and private life. Rosaldo references to Richard Rodriguez’s memoir, Hunger of Memory, in which Rodriguez had claimed that Spanish was a language that should be saved for the privacy of one’s home, rather than in public areas and the workplace (Rosaldo, 1997, p. 32). Rosaldo then emphasizes that this idea is not rare, and in fact, this particular mindset is something that many people tend to believe,…
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