How Leaders Motivate Employees And Organizations

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I. What is the title of your Focus Area?
Organizational Leadership=====================

II. What issue(s) or specific problem(s) do you want to address in your Advanced Project, and why is that of interest to you?
I’d like to address the problem of how leaders motivate employees in organizations. This is a general topic which can have a wide range of applicability (and that’s part of its appeal to me). But the problem of employee motivation, and how leaders can stimulate and/or make use of that motivation, is critical to the success of any organization. A leader can have the perfect plan of action and yet fall short of meeting their objective simply because they did not know how to generate momentum among their subordinates in an organization. If I am to find myself in a leadership position—this is a problem I’d like to avoid!

III. What are your expected learning outcomes? =====================

Please articulate at least three different learning outcomes by describing
• how the Advanced Project will increase your background knowledge: =====================

The advanced project will give m a solid base of knowledge about how members of an organization are motivated to complete its various projects (critical projects and otherwise). This knowledge base will make me more equipped to spot problems in my own style of leadership, as well as in the organization I try to lead. And spotting such problems is, of course, a
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