How Leadership And Attitude Go Together

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How Leadership and Attitude Go Together According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary (2014) attitude is a feeling or way of thinking that affects a person’s behavior” (pg. 1). Normally, when someone thinks of communication, it’s in the verbal form. But what about communications in the nonverbal form, for example one’s mood? Is it a possibility if a leader comes to work with a negative attitude that it can be damaging to the whole team? It is imperative to make sure that leaders understand that coming to work in a positive mood is crucial. A negative mood could be damaging to the whole team, one person’s mood could change morale, and there is also critical thinking that goes into understanding why. Leaders and Attitude A leader’s mood can…show more content…
2012). Employees will be more willing to give all they’ve got to the job because they are also satisfied with the environment. Negative attitudes can have consequences on input and drive of each team member (Volmer, J, 2012). The scholarly article by Volmer, J. addresses the issue of why it is so crucial to come to work with a positive attitude. If leaders don’t, it can have a domino effect of bad outcomes for the organization, one’s self, and followers. This was my first time using the school library to find a scholarly article on my topic. The key words I used were leadership and communication as well as attitude. I did not find an article right away and realized I needed to be more specific in my search. Just because the article may contain my key words doesn’t mean it’s on the subject I wanted. Instead, what I decided to do was to find an article that had leadership and communication in the subject heading and attitude as the keyword. When looking for a journal article there are characteristics to look for. Most journal articles are plain, meaning that they are black and white and do not have advertisements for nonrelated produtcts. More importantly, other peers that are knowledgeable in the same areas have reviewed the article (CSU-Global, n.d). Because there is research that is being conducted it could be lengthy with all the explanation, tables, and/or graphs (CSU-Global, n.d). Make sure that at the end there is some sort of reference information.
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