How Leadership And Attitude Go Together

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How Leadership and Attitude Go Together According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary (2014) attitude is a feeling or way of thinking that affects a person’s behavior” (pg. 1). Normally, when someone thinks of communication, it’s in the verbal form. But what about communications in the nonverbal form, for example one’s mood? Is it a possibility if a leader comes to work with a negative attitude that it can be damaging to the whole team? It is imperative to make sure that leaders understand that coming to work in a positive mood is crucial. A negative mood could be damaging to the whole team, one person’s mood could change morale, and there is also critical thinking that goes into understanding why. Leaders and Attitude A leader’s mood can either boost or decline morale in the workplace. It is vital for leaders to understand before going into the workplace how their mood can impact everything from goals to level of commitment (Volmer, J. 2012). It doesn’t matter if a leader comes in with a positive or negative attitude; it will transfer to other people on the team (Volmer, J. 2012). Not only can a mood transfer to an individual, but it can also affect a group as a whole (Volmer, J. 2012). Outcomes in all aspects of the organization will have a greater success if they bring in a leader with an exceptional mood. Teams will start believing in themselves and what they can accomplish because they will get the feeling that the leader is proud of the direction things are going
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