How Leadership Changed Or Developed During The Course?

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How has your understanding of leadership changed or developed during the course? Before this course I thought leader is someone who has a power and authority which can derive other people and manage their affairs. Also, leaders can make a decision about events and different situation. Moreover, leaders can solve a problem. Also, I thought leadership process is () process and only leader is responsible of succeed and fail. After this class and read all subjects my point view of leadership process has changed and developed. I thought leadership is the leader of country, but after this course I gained that leadership consist of lead a group, team, country, or organization. My understanding was that leadership is that followers help him/her to…show more content…
The leader’s good attitude and their role will be their ethics which is very important for organization development, and performance. i understand that characteristics , roles, and motivation are very important to develop an organization performance. Also, leadership is a process that consist of communication, motivation, help, ethical principle, and cooperate between leaders and follower to develop organization and gain common goal. Did any of the leadership theories or topics resonate with you? Why? Taking this course was very useful for me. This is my first class that I have taken about leadership. Most of the subjects are very important and useful such as culture, leadership ethics, negotiation and solution conflict. The leader’s role in resolving conflict and negotiation’s topic resonate with me. This is one of the most important subject todays and also for me. Throughout history our nation and our country faced many problems and many times we encounter the problems but some time we couldn’t gain our goal. Besides that, I studied sociology and I worked 2 years as a social researcher. During these 2 years I had seen some social problem that I tried to resolve it. Despite the fact that, social researchers and sociologists are always trying to find a problem then trying to find a way to solve it. Moreover, I am willing to improve my competency in this subject because our country always have a conflict with our neighbors and other
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