How Leadership Has Changed Different Definitions And Aspects That Can Change Those Definitions

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Taking this course and reading most of the book from Peter G. Northouse as well as listening to the lectures and videos that have been throughout, I have learned that there are many different aspects of leadership and there are many different definitions and aspects that can change those definitions. According to Seeman (1960), “leadership is acts by persons which influence other persons in a shared direction” (p. 3). This is the definition that I have been following my whole life. Wherever I go I thought that whatever you do as long as you have followers who tend to follow the same direction that makes you a leader. I never thought of the actions being right or wrong or the followers going down their own path I was simply stuck on this definition. After reading the book and learning there was more to that definition I was able to come up with a definition of leadership that I have been living by since this past spring and it has elevated my leadership skills to a great height. I think that leadership has three components: to listen, to inspire and to empower. Since becoming a president of an organization here at Florida State University those three things have made being a President so much easier. I have learned a lot from others just by simply listening to what they say rather than being focused only on my needs. It has caused me to learn from others and really understand people’s point of view. Being an inspiration is important. As a leader you want the people that
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