How Leadership Is Important For Organizational Development And Movement Goal Attainment

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How to Guide to Servant Leadership
Leadership is vital to organizational development and movement to goal attainment. The word leadership is composed of two words which are leader and ship. To fully understand the word leadership, one needs to look at the parts that make up the whole. Leader is the first part of the word which means a person who is taking the head role over others. The word ship is a vessel that carries people or things from one place to another by flowing over water. When putting the two together, you have leadership. This would mean that leadership is a person that is taking the head role over others to take them from one place to another with an effective flow.
If a person desires to lead others, they must have a heart for leadership. There has to be an inward motivator to take a group of individuals into your care and ensure their needs are met and that they are productive in their roles in and out of the organization. The critical core elements of leadership identified by Drago-Serverson (2012) are care, respect, trust, collaboration, and intentionality. These are very important elements to a person being a leader. If a person has a heart for leadership, it will be evident that the followers are cared for. They will trust and respect the person in charge of them and work together to meet the mission of the organization. Everything that takes place will be intentional toward that goal and employee success and development. A leader works from
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