How Leadership Is Influenced By Training And Education

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My definition of leadership has been influenced by training and education, personal interaction and my belief that a vast majority of people once given direction will produce good work. I believe that leadership is the ability to encourage people to work toward a common goal, by giving them the tools, training and freedom to make that goal a very real possibility. This definition has been shaped over the years by many different people, both inside and outside of the Coast Guard by good and poor leaders. I feel that the one thing that is most important in a leader is their vision. The leaders that I have had that have influenced me the most are always the ones that have been able to show me the end goal up front and then given me the freedom to make that goal, my goal. I have always wanted to be able to my job with as little interference as possible and the best way for me to accomplish this is by my leaders knowing exactly they wanted to have as a final product. With a clear direction, I was able to go about the task knowing what was expected and knowing that if I had questions I was free to ask, if more guidance was needed that it would be given but not with someone breathing down my neck. Being given that chance to handle tasks on my own or with a small team was always the way I thrived as a junior Petty Officer and that continued as I grew throughout the years. It is my belief that only those leaders who can actually encourage others to follow
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