How Leadership Is Not Something You Are Born With Nor

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We’ve learned that leadership is not something you are born with nor is it something that is found in one’s personality, leadership can be learned but effective leadership comes not only from how a person lead but why they lead. In this course we’ve discussed Jesus’ leadership skills many times, we’ve discussed how his personality drew people in and how is behavior was unlike any leader at the time, which probably made his leading so appealing, but another aspect of his leadership was his mind and the heart and purpose behind his leadership. Developing a leader’s mind is important to be able to think in the future and mentally assess outcomes of different situations, but it is also important for a leader to use their heart when leading…show more content…
Basic morals are sometimes lost within leadership for personal gain, so it is important for a leader to stay steadfast in the direction that will bring their group success rather than themselves. When a leader changes their focus from self to others, they often see great reward from the behavior of their employees because of the respect that they show to others. I believe that the moral aspect of leadership is probably the most important, because if a person is not leading for the right reasons then their leadership ability will always fall to those who are. As I mentioned before, a leader is incapable of leading without anyone to lead, and so as important as leadership is, fellowship is just as important. In fact, in most cases, most leaders are followers of another leader above them. Just as there are styles of leadership, there are styles of followership, a leader should assess their followership style, to better understand how they follow and not only how the lead. When learning more about how one follows, a leader can recognize themselves within someone that they lead to understand the most effective way to not only lead people like them, but to follow people above them. Leaders may find it difficult to be a follower, because they may feel as if their abilities are not as accessible compared to when they are in the leadership role. “Managing up means consciously and deliberately developing a meaningful, task- related, mutually respectful relationship with
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