How Leadership Style Can Affect Coaching

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Coaching competencies are needed in the growing industry around the world, especially for leadership development. According to Zenger and Stinnett (2006), about 70% of formal leadership development programs in organizations have some different forms of coaching. This reveals that coaching is becoming a World Wide phenomenon. As a result of this popularity, many coaching competencies, models, tools and training have appeared. For instance, effective coaching requires the coach to have good communication skill, client motivation, self-management, and technical skill. These skills enable the coaching session come up with positive success. However, a major variable in the success of any coaching process is what training and practices…show more content…
There is a need to consider the personal credibility of the coach, education, professional background, experience, and expertise. To encourage a professional service, the coach should ensure that all business materials such as cards send a strong consistent message to their potential clients. This professionalism should also be extended to the dress code of the coach. For the organization, the selection process of the coaches should involve stringent quality criteria. Involvement of the coach: The coach should have the ability to develop an atmosphere of trust in the coaching sessions. Coaches need to ensure that they have an intrinsic strong motivation for the coaching work. In my opinion, a genuine interest in the client is significant to building a good coaching relationship. For the organizations, coaches should be made to attend an interview process prior to any coaching assignments. The interview gives the opportunity for both sides to learn about each other and decide whether a working relationship can develop. Clarity and goals: The process and conduct of a coaching program are important to the positive outcome. It involves roles, methods, and actions during the coaching process (Schmidt, 2003). The coaches need to invest time at the beginning of any coaching assignment in order to establish good working relationship with the client. The coach needs to be
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