How Lean Manufacturing And How It Can Be Applied Within A Production Environment Essay

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This literature review aims to achieve insight into lean manufacturing and how it can be applied within a production environment. In today’s global market, it is important for maker withstand to remain competitive in their market and to understand the principles of lean manufacturing and the step tp implement them to ensure that they are on the leading edge of manufacturing. This literature review describes the lean concepts that are used in this project.
Lean Manufacturing

In the spring of 1950, a young Japanese engineer named Eiji Toyoda visited Ford’s huge plant in Detroit (Dennis,2002). He studied every corner of that Rouge, the world’s largest and most efficient manufacturing complex plant. Upon his return to Japan, Eiji and his production genius, Taiichi Ohno, determined that the same mass production system would not work in japan. Taiichi Ohno already knew that workers were his most valuable resource. In the years to come, Ohno and his team developed activities to fully involve team members in enhancement an utterly novel idea.

The Toyota production System, or Lean production, was the ultimate solution to Toyota’s problems
(Dennis,2007). Over next 30 years, Taiichi Ohno solved numerous problems related to lean production in order to push his system through Toyota. Nowadays, the Toyota Production System (TPS) is used in accordance with “lean manufacturing” across the world (Tapping,2007). But today we face the same intimidating…
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