How Learner Is The Most Important Aspect Of The Planning Process For Distance Learning

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The nature of the learner is the most important aspect in the planning process for distance learning. It is one of the elements of the Unit Model Topic (UMT) approach. This design process allows the instructor to consider elements such as the content, the nature of the learner, the process by which the learning will take place (methodology) and the means for assessing the learning experience (Simonson, p. 128). Dr. George Piskurich is in agreement with this point when he discusses the key elements in planning an online course is “to know exactly what the learners need to learn and to know what learners can use.” (Laureate Education, n.d.). Taking the time to learn about the learner yields a more productive learning environment. Knowledge of general learner characteristics can inform the instructor of the nature of the students at local and distance site (Simonson, 2015). I believe these elements are most important because it is the learners who master the course objectives and outcomes that ultimately indicate how well the course designers, the instructors, and other course stakeholders have performed their jobs and if the course’s return of investment is profitable. The American Red Cross (ARC) is a real life example of not considering their learners in the course design. The American Red Cross rolled out ineffective Health and Safety training courses. These Health and Safety Courses are primarily CPR classes, First Aid classes, Lifeguarding classes, CNA
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