How Legislation Related Education Impact Your Classroom Practice?

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1. How would major legislation related to education impact your classroom practice? Provide specific examples thereof using legislation described in the module 5 lecture notes.
As a teacher, I would try to keep the classroom as fair and up to code as possible. One of the legislation’s I was sort of uneasy about was the Keefe v. Geanakos, where a teacher was fired for the continuous use to a derogatory word. After reading the short description of the case, I did research and found that the word used was an extremely disrespectful word. “Motherf**ker” was the word. As an adult, the word is one that I would not even use in my household let alone expect to hear out of an educator’s mouth. While a curse word may slip out here and there, it is completely not up to a teacher to decide what demeaning words should be used and not used. As a parent, I would be completely enraged.
On the other side, the Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka case is one example of equality that I would practice in my class. Not only would I practice the equality of all children but also the equality of all races. As a child, I remember such racist remarks among my classmates and that is one issue I would not stand for. Not white against blacks or blacks against whites. There will be no name calling or discrimination. I know it is impossible to control every student, but I definitely believe equality among races should be taught and promoted in the school system. The school system celebrates Black
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