How Legislation and Policies Influence Education in Australia

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Australia is very a multicultural and diverse country. Consequently schools are faced with many diverse students of different abilities and backgrounds. To ensure equity and fairness among students, policies and legislations have been put into place to ensure diversity is being catered for and that no student is being excluded from the education system. Some of these policies and legislation include: The Disability Discrimination Act 1992, The Salamanca Statement, Disability Standards 2005, Inclusive Education Statement, Disabilities Services Act QLD 2006 and the Melbourne Declaration. As educators, it is important to acknowledge and implement these polices when planning activities/lessons/curriculum in the classroom. This essay aims to…show more content…
The teacher can encourage this inclusion by teaching the students, parents, and other community members about negative stereotypical attitudes about students with disabilities by avoiding negative words, such as “disabled”, or “crippled”, or “handicapped” and to promote positive ideas about disabilities into class work, the student’s play time and other activities. To further ensure that the classroom is promoting equality for the child with the disability, the teacher should incorporate an inclusive curriculum mindset, by adapting the lessons, learning materials and classroom to suit the needs of all the different types of learners including the child with the disability within the classroom.

In 1994, representatives of 92 governments and 25 international organizations formed the World Conference on Special Needs Education and called on the international community to endorse the concept of change and inclusion through a new statement called ‘The Salamanca Statement’. As this was the first major international statement of what an inclusive approach to education needs to be, they formed practical strategies to ensure this positive inclusion would take place worldwide.

The statement outlines that every child has a right to education and must be given the opportunity to learn. It also urges the government to adopt the principle of
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