How Life Was During The Great Depression By Morey Skaret

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The document begins with a recount of how life was during the Great Depression by Morey Skaret. By the time he began high school, the whole town was well into the Great Depression. (America Firsthand 187) He graduated with his diploma and later became a bum to help relieve the load on the home place. (America Firsthand 187) Morey and his good friend, Charlie Shellfisher, left Seattle in the spring and returned before the winter. Charlie and Morey usually rode freight trains and when a gondola car was empty of grain or coal, they would get shelter from the wind inside. If they couldn’t get inside a freight car, they would then catch a passenger train and “ride the blinds”. (America Firsthand 187) On one occasion they had been scrambling out from under a car to face a railway ss23security officer in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He promptly had asked them how much money they had on them and when they answered that they did not have any he took them under arrest. They later had figured out that when someone in town needed workers, the railway security officers would provide the. They spent four days carrying books from one side of the street to the other. They spent three nights in jail, where their meals would arrive in a bucket. (America Firsthand 188) They then skipped to the next town over where Charlie became sick. Morey had left him inside a box filled with newspaper to try and keep him warm while he went to look for work. He ended up cleaning the trashcans of a baker who in return

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