How Lincoln Remained Neutral in His 2nd Inaugural Address Essay

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We will be concerned with whether Abraham Lincoln succeeded in remaining indifferent and nonpartisan towards the South in his 2nd Inaugural Address. In what is considered one of the most distinguished Presidential commencement speeches on record, as well as the shortest in length at approximately 700 words, the "Great Emancipator" understood the Herculean task ahead of him in unifying the bisected country. By illustrating how slavery was the predominant cause of hostility that halved a nation, Lincoln expresses his eagerness for tranquility while heavily referencing the role of God in the Union's endeavor to create a more perfect republic. In seeking to ensure that the Confederate States would be welcomed back to the Union amiably, I will…show more content…
Roughly six weeks before he is to be assassinated at Ford's Theater by John Wilkes Booth, Lincoln understood that in order to reunite America he could not glorify the North while simultaneously denigrating the South, as that would bring about harm and alienation to a recovery in which his aim was "to bind up the nation's wounds" (Dolbeare, pg. 277). With determination to reconstruct the devastated South and usher in a new chapter in America's history, the President succeeded when it came to not discerning between his beliefs, and those of the secessionists. A towering figure who stood 6'4", our tallest President's use of Biblical quotes embodies a large portion of his 2nd Inauguration. It is evident that Lincoln is a man of tremendous spiritual faith, and one who postulates that the will of God purged the nation of the evil of slavery, albeit through a grim, prolonged, tumultuous battle. By not fixating on which side is at greater fault, Lincoln urged sympathy for citizens of the South, claiming that soldiers (and citizens alike) "read the same Bible, and pray to the same God" ( Dolbeare, pg. 277). By uttering the phrase "care for him who shall have borne the battle," the President not only borrows from the Bible's James 1:27, but assures every American that they are now, officially, allied. He is proclaiming that there shall be no more inclinations of North against South, or Union opposed to Confederate, rather,

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