How Literacy Is Used On The Nation 's Literacy

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Everything we learned about literacy in elementary school was a lie. I remember taking a reading comprehension test each year. I was timed on how fast I could read a selected passage, and time was added each time I made a mistake. My teacher would take my time, evaluate it, and categorize me into a certain grade’s reading level. According to revolutionary educational reformist E.D Hirsch, all of this was pointless. He theorized that literacy is not simply based on ability to read words on a page, but on a background of extensive topics that allows one to understand all texts and draw value from them. To expand the nation’s literacy, Hirsch proposed in his infamous book, Cultural Literacy, that there is a base list of terms and concepts that every student should know in order to be literate. Although the common core has been implemented in 46 out of the 50 states, it is still controversial. While it has positive effects such as uniform state education and better preparing students for college and post high school life, it also has negative effects such as too high an emphasis on testing and a lack of depth and diversity in the material. In theory, Hirsch’s ideas on education are good;but overall, the negative effects outweigh the positives. The common core allows for America to have uniform state education, which helps traveling students and allows for better identification of struggling states. As a student who attended 4 different schools between grades 7-10, I can
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